World Water Week: Get to know our networks session

Cap-net’s 23 affiliated networks from across the world showcased their networks work. The session provided the space for the organisations to get to know each other’s work and progress during the past year.

The session consisted in the presentation of a poster and a 5 minutes pitch led by the Network Managers. It took place at the UNDP Booth during World Water Week 2019 in Stockholm. This opportunity enhanced the synergies and collaboration between Cap-Net and its networks. Also, it provided  the possibility for the Network Managers to present their work at an international water conference.

Highlights from the event: 

  • Integration and knowledge exchange between the networks.
  • Synergies and mapping of the worldwide work of the organisations.
  • Strengthening of linkages across the 23 affiliated networks.

You can watch the streamed session:

Part one

Part two

Access to all the posters here.