Regional training course on Earth Observation tools for wetlands ecosystems management and Valuation from 18-22 April, 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya

The objectives of the training course were for participants to gain a better understanding of the earth observations tools and concepts ; be more familiar with using EO as tools for wetland ecosystem management ; learn how to map and monitor the wetland ecosystem, and be familiar with open source EO tools such as QGIS/WOIS

The training course used different learning tools, focusing on participants sharing their own experiences from the Nile basin, and guided by the introduction of new conceptual approaches and tools supported by case studies. The course targeted participants from the Nile-Eco-VWU project researchers and a number of young professionals from the Nile basin countries with basic experience and background on wetlands and ecosystems management. Participants from Sudan, Egypt, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DR-Congo and South Sudan attended. The Training course was organized by NBCBN-SEC in collaboration with the partners: ITC-Enschede, SzentIstván University-Hungary, WaterCap-Kenya and Cap-Net UNDP.