SaciWATERs Launches Documentary Film “Necessity Triumphs”

SaciWATERs recent submitted a documentary film the ‘Necessity Triumphs’ . The documentary is on how people in peri-urban areas near Hyderabad do not complain about the city waste water that comes to their villages. They instead use it for irrigating their paddy fields and vegetable farms. The documentary shows RO sludge water being used by residents of peri-urban areas to wash utensils and clothes.

The Necessity Triumphs documentary was submitted to a prestigious international film competition to be held in Madrid called the We Art Water Film Festival. ‘Necessity Triumphs’ has entered the finals after clearing the preliminary section. It will compete against 40 other films from around the world in the Micro-Documentary category. The best film under each category will be decided by a jury and for the favourite film award there will be online voting.