Climate Risk Management: a new training course for universities of Kyzylorda oblast, Kazakhstan

The Secretariat of CAR@WAN Network, the Public Fund “The Center «Cooperation for Sustainable Development”, with the support of UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty has implement the project on the development of training course “Climate Risk Management” for universities of Kyzylorda oblast.

Prerequisite for the development of the course was the lack of awareness and knowledge on climate change and possible adaptation measures among decision-makers, which is one of the main obstacles for the development of appropriate policies and strategies, as well as for inclusion of measures on reduction of hydro-climatic risks in the sectoral and regional development strategies.

On November 6 2015, in Kyzylorda, Kazakhstan, Central Asian Regional Water Network CAR@WAN with the participation and support of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty organized round table to present and discuss the new training course on climate risk management, developed for universities of Kyzylorda oblast. It was attended by 36 participants from government agencies, state enterprises, international, educational, scientific and non-governmental organizations of Central Asia.

The main purpose of the event was to discuss the structure and thematic plan of the course as well as the possibility of its introduction into the curriculum of universities in the region. The meeting also covered issues of relevance of climate risk management, climate change and its impact on the development of Kyzylorda oblast and the country as a whole. It was noted that, despite the initial focus of the course on a specific area, this course can be successfully applied at universities all over Kazakhstan, as well as adapted to the universities of the Central Asian region in general. Participants of the meeting highlighted the importance and relevance of the developed course and readiness to use this course as elective subject at the Universities of Kyzylorda oblast.

This course has been developed on the basis of the best practices of specialized agencies and international instruments in the field of climate change, international recommendations on strategies for climate risk management with consideration of experience of the methodological support for teaching in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan. It is aimed to contribute to the development of higher education and training of qualified personnel for the areas related to climate change and climate risks, water resources and agriculture; as well as to the expansion of the professional competencies of university graduates of Kazakhstan. ')}