cap-net bangladesh

Cap-Net Bangladesh

Cap-Net Bangladesh Countries covered Bangladesh Network profile Cap-Net is a partnership of Training Institutions, knowledge centres and water managers for more effective building in integrated water resources management (IWRM). Partnership of autonomous international, regional and national institutions and networks has been committed to capacity building in the water sector through Cap-Net Bangladesh. Over the years, it has …

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cap-net lanka

Cap-Net Lanka

Cap-Net Lanka Countries covered Sri Lanka Network profile Cap-Net Lanka is a network for capacity development in sustainable water management in Sri Lanka and the region. It is governed by a Country Coordinator (Network Manager) who is assisted by a strong team of core members and more than 100 regular members. Further, Cap-Net Lanka is …

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Cap-Net Pakistan

Cap-Net Pakistan

Cap-Net Pakistan Countries covered Pakistan Network profile Mission:To establish a knowledge base for IWRM in the context of Pakistan under different local conditions and find IWRM solutions that are appropriate, with a special emphasis on safe drinking water, safe sanitation, water conservation and adaptation to climate change. The focus of the network activities has been on …

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CAR@WAN Countries covered The Network operates in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Mongolia. Who we are The key goal of CAR@WAN is to unite partners involved in the study and management of water resources in order to promote the principles of integrated water resources management, improving environment, health, and welfare of the population. …

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CKNet INA Countries covered Indonesia Network profile The Collaborative Knowledge Network (CKNet) Indonesia is a collaborative knowledge network of academics and professionals in the field of infrastructure, water, and environment. We currently consist of 31 universities located throughout Indonesia, 1 government, and 1 professional institution. Network activities We work in the field of Water, Infrastructure …

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MyCDNet Countries covered Malaysia Network profile MyCDNet, formed in 2014, focuses on empowering and strengthening capabilities through hands-on and virtual training, site visits, knowledge and experience sharing, and smart partnerships; to promote, facilitate, share and implement capacity development for sustainable water management in Malaysia through provisions and support of programs that foster outreach, training, education, …

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PhilCapNet Network complete name PhilCapNet Incorporated Countries covered Philippines Network profile PhilCapNet is a non-stock non-profit association of water sector professionals who organize and deliver training and other capacity building activities on sustainable water resources management for and with water users, providers, policy-makers, and water-related institutions at the national and local levels.  It seeks to …

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SaciWATERs-Cap-Net Network (SCaN)

SCaN Countries covered India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives Who we are SCaN comprises of autonomous regional and national institutions and individuals committed to building capacity of water professionals across South Asia. Established in 2009, SCaN has successfully initiated activities in collaboration with various national, regional and international organizations. Through its capacity-building activities, …

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