CAR@WAN 5th Year Anniversary

The Regional Network CAR@WAN has been cooperating with its partners in the sphere of sustainable management of water resources in Central Asia for 5 years! Therefore, the Central Asian Regional Water Network (CAR@WAN), would like to congratulate and thank its partners and stakeholders with the Network’s 5th anniversary and contribution into the implementation of projects in the area of water resources in Central Asia!

To date, more than 15 projects in area of environmental education, adaptation to climate change, and capacity building in water resources management have been implemented in Central Asia with the members of the network. More than 7 training modules have been developed for targeted audiences and more than 10 activities have been held during this time. Today, there are more than 200 individuals members of CAR@WAN Network and more than 10 legal entities which have signed memorandums of cooperation.

During the last 5 years, CAR@WAN network has published over 1,500 news and newsletters for the members of CAR@WAN. CAR@WAN network does not stop at the achieved results and intends to expand its horizons and implement important projects in the area of water resources management in Central Asia together with the members of CAR@WAN Network.

CAR@WAN would like to continue our cooperation and welcome new members to the network.

For more information, please contact CAR@WAN Network Manager.