Water Integrity Map for Latin America

In 2013 a report was developed with the objective of presenting a «Mapping of Integrity and Accountability in Water Resources Management and Relevant Capacities in Latin America» and with the aim to strengthen integrity and transparency in the Latin American water sector by producing a regional mapping report, assembling a team of specialists, and designing a capacity development plan.

The report and capacity development plan was joint activity of LA-WETnet, Latin American Water Education and Training Network; the national member networks ‒ ArgCap-net (Argentina), Cap-Net Brazil, REDICA (Central America); REMERH (Mexico) ‒; and the following LA-WETnet member institutions: Universidad Externado (Colombia), Cultura Ambiental (Uruguay), Vitalis (Venezuela) and the Centro Bartolomé de Casas (Peru) and was done in collaboration and with support from Cap-Net/UNDP and the UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI.

Findings show that in many countries of the region the water sector is characterized by state interventions. Each agency has its own vision and special characteristics, which result in a lack of institutional coordination. On the other hand, there are countries that have regulated the water sector efficiently but have failed at the implementation stage. Hence, the institutional quality of water management is relatively low. To a greater or lesser extent, the countries of the region have gradually incorporated international integrity promotion instruments but, contrary to what could be expected, corruption perception levels are inversely proportional to that effort.

The full report is available in English and Spanish.