GEF IW:LEARN Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis-

Strategic Action Programme Course

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Effective basin management (rivers, lakes, groundwaters and LMEs) requires a detailed and formally agreed management plan. The technical expertise to develop such a plan exists in all basins in the form of government bodies, academics, NGOs, private sector organisations (including farmers and fishers) and the communities who rely on the ecosystem services provided by the water body for their livelihoods and lives. The GEF Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis-Strategic Action Programme (TDA/SAP) approach helps to utilise these skills in countries and to jointly agree the problems and their potential solutions through collective working and using the experiences from previous basins that have adopted the TDA/SAP approach.

About this Course

The course is based on the third edition of the GEF IW:LEARN TDA/SAP Manual that provides the collective experiences from previous TDA/SAPs supplemented by inputs from consultants who helped develop the manual and have participated in multiple TDA and SAP projects.

The course will highlight the main steps in developing a TDA and SAP and should be used in conjunction and with frequent reference to the GEF IW:LEARN TDA/SAP Manual ). The course is intended for all GEF International Waters project teams who will be involved in the development of the TDA and SAP to ensure there is a common understanding of the steps, terminology and where additional information can be found.

Course Objective

The TDA/SAP Manual has evolved over the last 15+ years as new research, global project outputs, evolution of MDGs to SDGs etc. has impacted the approach. The overall goal of the TDA/SAP online course is to provide a very brief summary of the key steps recommended in the Manual to enable all those involved in the development of the TDA/SAP (project staff, consultants, national experts, civil society, private sector, government representatives, etc.) to have an awareness of the process.


The course is open for International Water (IW) project managers, mid-level government staff, and practitioners who will be supporting GEF IW project implementation.


Interested participants are invited to complete the application form or by clicking on the apply now button. Applications will be reviewed by the IW: Learn team and all accepted participants will be automatically enrolled in the online course. Revision of applications and acceptances will take place the first week of each month. Selected participants will receive an email from Cap-Net Virtual Campus notifying their acceptance and indicating the steps to follow to access the course.

Contents and course structure

In each module participants will find valuable and updated readings, videos, suggested web sites, and experiences from the ground.

  • Module 1: Background to the GEF TDA/SAP planning tool
  • Module 2: Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis
  • Module 3: Strategic Action Programme

Language: English.

Structure: 3 modules.

Level: Introductory.

Content: readings, videos, forums.

Time: 12 hours.

Total time dedication: 4 weeks.

Institutions: Cap-Net, GEF IW: LEARN, UNDP, UNEP, IOC-UNESCO.