Mercury pollution awareness in Kazakhstan

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Impact:  Change in practices/program’s implementation;

Partners: CAR@WAN, UNDP (Kazakhstan)

With support from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and UNDP, the Cooperation for Sustainable Development Center organized a training, ‘The role of Central Asian women in IWRM and preventing the effects of mercury pollution on the health of women and children’. After the training, an engineer ecologist at KazTransOil, included the topic in an environmental training course delivered to her staff, whom are now aware of the dangers of mercury and handle mercury-containing waste more responsibly.

Furthermore, KazTransOil decided to replace all mercury-containing light bulbs in their company. It was reported that seeing that the organization was taking a more responsible approach towards collecting, packing and handling over mercury-containing waste and lamps for disposal contributed to employees increasing their personal level of responsibility when using and disposing mercury-containing raw materials. KazTransOil is the largest oil pipeline company in the country, providing oil transportation services to the domestic and international markets, and as such, its acions are significantly raising awareness of other enterprises globally.