SDGs Partnership Platform: SDG 6.6.1 pilot project published

SDG 6.6.1 pilot project

The #SDGAction37986 “Integrating freshwater data into sector-wide decision making to improve the protection and restoration of freshwater ecosystems – pilot project” jointly developed between UNEP-DHI, Global Water Partnership and Cap-Net UNDP has been published on the Partnerships for SDGs online platform.

The initiative

The activity will ensure to encourage and promote the integration of environmental data within relevant decision-making processes through multi-stakeholder engagement, to improve the protection, management, and restoration of freshwater ecosystems. Once the pilot project finishes the partners expect that:

  • Target countries have increased capacity and political will to protect and/or restore freshwater ecosystems and/or watersheds;
  • key stakeholders in target countries have prioritised key ecosystems and/or watersheds for protection and/or restoration and endorsed related action plans.

The objectives will be achieved through the implementation of pilot projects in Argentina, Kazakhstan, and Kenya, through two outputs at the country level:

  • Enhance the awareness of decision-makers and build the technical capacity of key institutional actors to protect and/or restore freshwater ecosystems and/or watersheds;
  • an ecosystem-specific cross-sectoral action plan to preserve and/or restore targeted watersheds and/or ecosystems is prepared.

The Partnership

The UNEP-DHI, GWP & Cap-Net UNDP partnership brings a unique combination of forces that contribute to the implementation of the project and supports the achievement of SDG 6.5.1. The role of UNEP-DHI in this pilot project is two-fold: to guide the conceptual design and scope of the pilot project and deliver capacity development training through the provision of live demonstration(s) for each of the in-country facilitators, in order to ensure streamlined understanding of the technical language, identification and interpretation of the national trends in order for them to be able to conduct demonstrations themselves for the target audience (multi-stakeholders) in each of the countries. This would provide basis of future curricula and transfer of knowledge, providing significant opportunity for scaling-up.

Cap-Net guides the knowledge management component of the project, curriculum development and needs assessments. Delivery includes face-to-face workshops and through the Cap-Net Virtual Campus and its associated mechanisms. Cap-Net endeavours are supported by the UNDP Global Water and Ocean Governance Support Programme. Cap-Net is a delivery mechanism within the Water and Ocean Governance Programme (WOGP). Its 23 affiliated networks are the spearhead at the core of the Cap-Net programme and a number of them will be mobilized for the in-country activities. They mobilise the best of available knowledge globally, for practical capacity development implementation of the ground.

Through its Global Secretariat, GWP coordinates the activities for this pilot project in cooperation with the “SDG 6 Support Programme”, which focuses on accelerating IWRM implementation globally. The Global Water Partnership (Intergovernmental Organization) is a global network mobilizing action on the global water crisis through a blend of social capital, shared values, credibility within the global water community, bottom-up orientation, and expertise. Its network of 65+ Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships convenes, and brokers coordinated action by government and non-government actors.

GWP and Cap-Net will ensure the effective implementation of the project across Argentina, Kazakhstan & Kenya. Both parties have a strong presence on the ground and will leverage expertise respectively through the Regional and Country Water Partnerships and through their networks on the ground, drawing on each other’s strengths for effective and improved outreach and impact.

About the platform

The Partnerships for SDGs online platform is the United Nations’ global registry of voluntary commitments and multi-stakeholder partnerships made in support of sustainable development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The Partnerships for SDGs platform also facilitates the sharing knowledge and expertise among multi-stakeholder SDG-related partnerships and voluntary commitments, and for providing periodic updates on their progress.