Short documentary: “Arsenic free water”- an integrated approach

The documentary “Arsenic free water”- an integrated approach (Original: Arsenic Mukt Jal – Ek Samuhik Prayas) aims to build awareness on arsenic commination, its impact and mitigation of arsenicosis among key stakeholders and the Integrated Arsenic Mitigation Platform (IAMP) groups. The video was developed by SaciWATERs (Cap-Net affiliated network) with the support of Cap-Net UNDP and the European Union.

Arsenic issues affect nearly 1 million people in India. Many areas in India, such as West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Chhattisgarh, struggle with this problem on a every-day basis. Communities with prolonged exposure to arsenic contaminated water leads to many serious diseases by the accumulation of this toxic substance in the human body.

The film highlights the current situation of arsenic in Bihar and the importance of integrated approaches towards tackling arsenic contamination. It also focuses on examples of making effective plans by assessing the condition of the village or house, understanding the problems closely through various types of evaluations such as testing the water sources, checking people´s health, baseline surveys and other techniques to get long term relief from arsenic.    

This documentary aims to be the voice for the Indian state and district policymakers, officials of relevant departments at the government, Civil Society members, non-profit organizations, communities and the Integrated Arsenic Mitigation Platform members and volunteers. The film was originally recorded in Hindi, which is local language in Bihar and most of the northern states of India. English subtitles are available.

Watch the short documentary here.