Regional Workshop on Water Associated Conflict Resolution – 1 to 3 June, 2015, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala.

A regional workshop on ‘Water Associated Conflict Resolution’ that took place in the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala campus from 1 to 3 of June 2015. A total of 30 participants from Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador and Panama took part in this workshop. The training course covered IWRM principles, theory of conflicts and characteristics of the different types of conflicts, social and historical analysis of the context of our region in regards to water and possible interventions to resolve conflicts.

REDICA conflict 1 Practical aspect sessions explored stakeholder identification, a case study about a Costa Rican conflict and a simulation activity to practice mediation. The workshop was very intense and the participants showed high motivations to apply the acquired knowledge. This workshop ended successfully even though it lasted for only three days. All of the participants were able to apply different tools on sensitive issues associated with conflict in water resources. These tools were developed by REDICA and could be applied by any participants ranging from local government, justice sector, communities, energy projects, water decision-makers and lecturers. For more information, please contact REDICA coordinator, Ms. Liliana Arrieta.