Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute Ground Breaking Ceremony – 4 May 2018, Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistan is facing a water crisis that has an impact on all sectors of its economy and to deal with its challenges there are not enough water professionals in the country. To address this shortage Hisaar Foundation, an NGO working in water sector for the last 15 years in collaboration with NED University of Engineering and Technology and Panjwani Charitable Foundation, well known for endowing and setting up educational institutions have launched the first of its kind multidisciplinary Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute (PHWI). The groundbreaking ceremony of PHWI took place today at NED Karachi Campus where the institute will be located.

At the ceremony’s welcoming address Ms. Nadira Panjwani, Chairperson Panjwani Charitable Foundation which has pledged the initial seed money for the institute, stressed on the role of the academia in safeguarding the future of water and the country. Ms. Panjwani elaborated that this institute will prepare the graduates not only to address the current but future global water challenges as well. Ms. Simi Kamal, Chair Academic Committee Hisaar Foundation briefed the audience that PHWI will not be restricted to just water engineering but aims to integrate the currently isolated nodes of engineering, natural sciences, economics and social sciences to bring forth a new generation of water professionals. PHWI will be home to advanced social and scientific water labs and be the hub of all cutting edge  water related research which would be driven by the real world issues and hence bridge the gap between the world of academia and market demand.

Designs for the state of art building were unveiled by Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, Vice chancellor NED University. The institute will be built to be the iconic facade of the University. The building structure is designed to be green and energy efficient and will be built on international environmental conservation standards. Chief Guest of the ceremony, chancellor NED University and governor Sindh Mr. Mohammad Zubair lauded the efforts of Hisaar Foundation, NED University and Panjwani Charitable Foundation for bringing quality professional education in the field of water and offered his full support. Mr. Zubair highlighted that it is the need of the hour as Pakistan is facing a dry future with the growing impact of climate change and expressed that the graduates of this institute would be a key towards solving the water issues faced by the country. Towards the end Mr. Ashraf Kapadia, Chairperson Hisaar Foundation thanked the audience and later the governor unveiled the plaque and planted a tree at the site of the building.

The ceremony was well attended by representatives from various sectors including banks, multinational organizations, businesses, NGOs and industries highlighting that water is integral for the growth across all sectors of the economy.

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