Launching of the 2015 UN Report on ‘Water for Sustainable World’ dedicated to the World Water Day – 8 April 2015, Almaty, Kazakhtan.

The World Water Day was celebrated in Almaty on April 8, 2015. UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty in collaboration with the Central-Asian Regional Water Network CAR@WAN organized a round-table presentation of the report of the United Nations ‘Water for sustainable world’ dedicated to the World Water Day. The event was attended by representatives from public, research, educational and community organizations, including non-resident representatives of non-governmental sector. Prior to the event a press briefing was held together with an online conference with regional media representatives. CAR@WAN Network Manager, Ms. Vera Mustafina, was the key speaker at the press-briefing and the moderator of the round-table session.

As a result of the event all participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with main findings and recommendations of the UN report “Water for sustainable world”, dedicated to the World Water Day. Long-term result of the event was the contribution made to enhance the capacity of stakeholders. In addition to that, it was imperative to note that this event has served as a basis for strengthening cooperation between different stakeholders in the direction of solving overall problems of water resources. For more information please contact Ms. Vera Mustafina. ')}