Fifth cewas ‘Water and sanitation business start-up programme’ opens for application.

The 5th cewas ‘Water and sanitation start-up programme’ is now opened for application. This programme is an innovation lab and entrepreneurial community. It provides individuals and groups with the knowledge, skills and networks to transform their business idea into a working start-up. This year long cewas course offers:

  • training modules on sustainable sanitation, water and resource management as well as on business development
  • one-to-one coaching by international experts
  • access to the wide cewas community

This 2015-16 programme starts on 31 August 2015 and runs until August 2016. The first two weeks of content are delivered in a block (31 August – 11 September) and then modules are completed every Thursday and Friday until January 2015. One-to-one coaching is provided to all participants from throughout the course until August 2016. This can be carried out either in person in the programme’s shared working space, or over Skype.

Anyone with an idea, strong motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit are encouraged to apply. Applications including business idea and motivation to participate at the cewas start-up-programme should be sent by June 25th 2015, using the application form which can be accessed via

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Judith Koeller (+41 79 466 99 17). ')}