Earth Day: Cap-Net Stories of Change

Cap-Net UNDP is a people-powered global network bringing water knowledge for all. The 23 affiliated networks bring passion, energy and courage to deliver trainings on the ground, reaching individuals and contributing to make a positive impact on their communities.

Today marks the anniversary of Mother Earth. Our planet is ‘waving hands’ to us as a call to action. Communities are suffering. Intense floods are occurring, storms are devastating entire regions. Now we face COVID-19, governments and development partners are struggling to end the spread of COVID-19 while coping with ongoing inequalities when it comes to human rights and gender, social inclusion and governance.

Validating our reality is important, but so it is keeping our faith up. Expecting the best for our future!

Cap-Net UNDP is consciously focusing action on its monitoring, evaluation, and learning processes. As part of this work, we celebrate Earth Day by highlighting some of the on the ground ‘agents of change’ through their stories of inspiration, innovation, and bravery.

The stories seek to bring to the surface the invisible: the learning, inspiration, and evolution of our learners.

“Our generations have never lived in times when the health of people and our planet have been so intertwined. These stories bring to light the change that is happening for real and positively impacting society. Feeling proud for all the learners that trust Cap-Net, get creative and reshape what they find inadequate,” affirmed Themba Gumbo, Cap-Net director.

Congratulations for the great transformation of your realities: Ana Lopez, from Costa Rica (REDICA), T.M Karunarathna from Sri Lanka (Cap-Net Lanka), Salah Udin Titol from Bangladesh (Cap-Net Bangladesh).

Be faithful, let’s restore our earth together #EarthDay: