Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Programme for Farmer Organization (FO) Leaders – 18th September 2017, District Secretariat Ampara, Sri Lanka.

A programme for farmer organization leaders in Ampara was arranged as a part of the Sri Lanka Water Partnership CCA Programme in collaboration with the Irrigation Department (ID) and Irrigation Management Division (IMD) of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management with support from Cap-Net Lanka.  This was the 2nd programme in Sri Lanka supported by Cap-Net during 2017.

72 Farmer Leaders representing over 40 Farmer Organizations in the Galoya Left Bank and  River Division participated. 57 from the Gal Oya Left Bank and 15 from the River Division. In addition 14 field staff of ID/IMD dealing with Farmer Organizations attended the awareness session.

For more information, please contact Country Coordinator of Cap-Net Lanka, Dr. S. Pathmarajah. ')}