Cap-Net launches its Virtual Campus for Capacity Development for Sustainable Water Management

As part of its 2014-2017 strategy, Cap-Net explore the use of diverse forms of new media for capacity development. This includes the development of a virtual campus which will function as a cross-cutting facilitation platform for all Cap-Net´s activities, affiliated networks and partners. The virtual campus is being built on a state of the art web platform, using the latest tools and open source software, resulting in an user friendly system, applicable on all computers, and easy to be updated. The campus can be accessed at

The campus will serve “traditional” face-to-face courses and the newly developed virtual courses. Through “virtual classrooms” and professional software for teleconferences (live sessions), it will also be a tool to facilitate collaborative work in the context of networks, partnerships, working groups”, Cap-Net´s secretariat, and Cap-Net´s management board. The campus was launched on September 29 when a pilot virtual course on “IWRM as a climate change adaptation tool” was initiated. For this pilot course Cap-Net is partnering with World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and UNESCO-IHE. The pilot course is a way to test the platform and explore possible structures, activities, and methodologies which Cap-Net, its affiliated networks or partners may use for the design and delivery of virtual courses.

Currently 28 participants and facilitators from Africa, Arab region, Caribbean, Central Asia, Latin America, and South Asia are taking part of this first virtual experience for Cap-Net. For more information please contact Damian Indij, Cap-Net Virtual Campus Coordinator: