Cap-Net Lanka Board meets to discuss planning

The Board of Directors of Cap-Net Lanka met on 15 December 2020 to discuss the planning for 2021. Cap-Net Lanka conducted the meeting with a blended approach, face-to-face and via zoom. Twelve members, including the Director of the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA) participated in the meeting.

The Board discussed the financial progress of the network, the Cap-Net Monitoring and Evaluation Report 2019 and the Work Plan for 2021. In addition, the Board summarized activities, including the network´s website development. Dr. S. Pathmarajah, the Cap-Net Lanka Country Coordinator, focused on briefing Cap-Net Lanka Board members on the Risk Analysis Framework presented at the Network Managers’ meeting and encouraged support from the team to develop the same for Cap-Net Lanka. Possibilities for strengthening the collaboration with Sri Lanka Water Partnership (SLWP), and the GWP Country Water Partnership were also discussed.