Cap-Net at IHE Delft Symposium 2020

On 26-29 May 2020 the 6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity Development for the Water Sector took place virtually for the first time. UNESCO-IHE Delft & partners brought together scholars, decision-makers and practitioners to discuss the current and future role of capacity development within policy, operational practice and education.

As in previous years, the event acted as a catalyst to build commitment among participants, leading to future action and collaboration. For this 6th edition, the Symposium particularly focused its attention to effective implementation and aimed to move towards a concept of implementation science for the water sector.

In addition to plenary sessions focusing on implementation science, models for education and managing organizational change, there were 9 track teams dedicated to creating focused discussion on a range of issues relevant to the future Water agenda.

Cap-Net was a sponsoring partner of the Symposium and jointly with the Global Water Partnership and IHE led track 6: Capacity to accelerate knowledge-sharing and commitment among individuals and organizations, across civil society.

Overall, Cap-Net had a very active role in the Symposium, convening the session on “Collaboration in partnerships”, moderating an Expert Panel on Accelerating South-South Collaboration, and presenting various abstracts for publications and thematic posters through its affiliated networks.

“The IHE Symposium on Water Knowledge and Capacity Development is at the heart of Cap-Net´s history and future. Throughout its editions we have been able to learn, strengthen our network and share our experiences and insights on learning for water. IHE´s continuous leadership and partnership with Cap-Net sets the way for innovation and effectiveness as well all work together. We may expect great ideas and projects resulting from this symposium, which has also proven at the time of Covid-19 that whenever there is commitment there is capacity for continuity” affirmed Damian Indij, Cap-Net Virtual Campus Coordinator.