Youth Seat on the GWP Steering Committee

The global GWP Steering Committee, at its meeting in December 2019, decided to create a permanent independent youth seat on the Committee. This will ensure full information and voting rights for a strong youth perspective. Deadline for applications is 20 May – please note that applicants need to be supported by a GWP Partner to be eligible to apply.

This step is unique among global water organisations and reflects GWP’s commitment to create space and opportunities for youth to engage in water governance and management – this is further outlined in GWP’s Youth Engagement Strategy and in GWP’s overall 2020-2025 Strategy, Mobilising for a Water Secure World.

GWP is hereby launching a global call to identify candidates for the role. The GWP Steering Committee has asked that interested candidates must provide a Letter of Support/Nomination from a GWP Partner – who may offer their support to multiple nominations.

Read more and apply at GWP’s website