Water Safety Planning


What you will learn

To provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of water safety planning

To enable participants to develop and implement effective water safety plans

To raise awareness of the importance of water safety planning among stakeholders

About this Course

Water safety planning is an essential aspect of ensuring the safety and security of communities, particularly in areas prone to natural disasters or environmental hazards. This online training course provides a comprehensive overview of the components and practices involved in water safety planning. The aim of this course is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively plan and respond to water-related emergencies.


This course is designed for individuals involved in emergency management, water resource management, public health and safety, and community development. It is also suitable for those who are interested in pursuing a career in these fields.

Contents and course structure

Contents are structured in modules. In each module participants will find readings, videos, suggested web sites, forum discussions and quizzes.

Introduction to Water Safety Planning
 Identifying and Assessing Water Safety Risks
 Developing and Implementing Control Measures
Monitor, review and verify control measures in the water safety plan


Course approval criteria and certificate

Responding the quiz at the end of each module and obtaining at least 60% correct responses is a condition to move into the next module, completing the course, and receiving the certificate. There are three opportunities to reach 60% of correct answers, and in all cases the platform will indicate the wrong answers.


After completing the 4 modules, participants are invited to answer a short feedback survey of the course. Once this survey is answered, participants may download their certificate. Participation in the course, as well as the download of the certificate, has no costs for the participants.

Language: English.

Structure: 4 modules.

Level: Introductory.

Content: readings, videos, forums.

Time: 20 hours.

Total time dedication: 4 - 6 weeks.

Certification: upon approval of quizzes.