Workshop on the Cross Cutting Themes of Gender, Water and Agriculture with a special focus on the Eastern Gangetic Plains – 8 September 2017, New Delhi, India

SaciWATERs, organised a workshop on the cross cutting themes of Gender, Water and Agriculture with a special focus on the Eastern Gangetic Plains (which spans across parts of Bangladesh, India and Nepal) on 8th September 2017 at The Claridges  in New Delhi, India. The workshop was organised in partnership with the Australian Government funded Sustainable Development Investment Portfolio (SDIP) and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

The workshop participants shared a consensus on the existing disconnect of water and agriculture with the several gender forums.  Hence, it was agreed there was value in having  a loose network of academicians and practitioners in the connected and cross-cutting themes of Gender, Water and Agriculture. It was discussed that for a start, a virtual space can be worked on in the form of a website being managed by SaciWATERs, that would aim at information sharing in terms of published work, field notes, photo features etc. The forum need not stay restricted to the EGP, though collating information on the region would be an important focus of the forum.

Participants agreed that the forum would provide the space to understand each other and could be a platform to bridge the gap between the knowledge developed by the academia and grass-root experiences gained by the civil society organizations.

ACIAR congratulated the SaciWATERs team for getting the right people on the table, and a mix of both practitioners and academics in the setting up of the forum.

For information, please contact SaciWATERs secretariat. ')}