University course “Integrated Water Resources Management” presented in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan






Round table presentation of the course “Integrated Water Resources Management” adapted for the universities of Kyrgyzstan was held on October 4, 2016, in Bishkek. The round table discussion was organized by the Central Asian Regional Water Network CAR@WAN with the support of the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, in cooperation with Kyrgyz Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation.

The goal of the Round Table was to familiarize participants with IWRM course materials adapted for Kyrgyzstan, as well as obtaining comments and suggestions for the wider use of the course in universities of Kyrgyzstan.
The event was opened by introductory speech of Asem Bodauova, Project Manager of the Center “Cooperation for Sustainable Development”. She expressed the gratitude to the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty for supporting the project on adaptation of IWRM course and the Kyrgyz Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation for the support in carrying out the event and providing the conference room.
At the beginning of the Round table, the history of the IWRM course was covered, starting from 2009 when the course was first developed for Kazakhstan, as well as the experience of using course materials in universities of Kyrgyz Republic. The main project experts, Ekaterina Sakhvayeva and Gulmira Adzhigulova, told the participants about the changes that were made to the course materials, with an emphasis on the Kyrgyzstan.
Participants also discussed the institutional and legal framework for water resources management, experience in implementation of economic and financial instruments in Kyrgyzstan, as well as international cooperation of Kyrgyzstan on water issues. Throughout the event there was a lively discussion which resulted in recommendations for the organizers of the Round table and universities of Kyrgyzstan.
According to the comments of the participants, the course “Integrated Water Resources Management” adapted for Kyrgyz universities, is extremely important and contains modern data and information in the sphere of water resources of the country. Using this course will help increasing the capacity in the field of innovative strategies for sustainable management of water resources, as well as the promotion of IWRM in Kyrgyzstan.
This event will contribute to improving the quality of education and training in the field of water resources.
The round table was attended by over 30 representatives of scientific and educational institutions, international organizations, local authorities, and non-governmental organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The event took place October 4, 2016 in the conference hall of the Department of Water Resources and Land Reclamation ofthe Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Land Reclamation of the Kyrgyz Republic at the address: Bishkek, str. Toktonalieva, 4a.

For more information, please contact the following person:
– Marina Vorobyeva, project coordinator of the Center “Cooperation for Sustainable Development” (email:, тел. +7 727 255 85 75) ')}