UNDP’s Ocean Innovation Challenge

The Ocean Innovation Challenge (OIC) is releasing a series of ‘Ocean Challenges’ or requests for proposals that bring solutions to solve ocean related issues. The OIC seeks innovations that are transferable, replicable and scalable in order to achieve maximum catalytic impact. The first challenge has been launched on 8 January and the submission date is 5 March 2020.

The ocean faces unprecedented threats to the ecosystem goods and services it provide to humanity, from climate regulation to food security to energy resources. There are many challenges associated to the oceans. To provide some examples nutrient pollution, illegal, unregulated and unreported IUU fishing and ocean acidification, which continue worsen.

To shift from challenges to opportunities, the Ocean Innovation Challenge requests for proposals focusing on solutions for SDG14. Concepts could be submitted by public or private entities, including governments, private companies (including start-ups), NGO/CSO, United Nations entities, academic institutions, and intergovernmental organisations.

Why submitting your proposal?

The OIC is identifying and providing support to scale-up solutions that tackle ocean challenges.

Financial Support: from 50,000 USD to 250,000 USD and project time frames can last from one to two years.

How to apply