Testimonial: Successful Usage of “Integration of Groundwater Management into Transboundary Basin Organizations in Africa” Training Manual

The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) of Germany is supporting the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) to strengthen its capacities to improve sustainable and transboundary groundwater management in the region. In this context, BGR implemented a four-day groundwater training in the month of October 2016. This training was conceptualised based on the training manual “Integration of Groundwater Management into Transboundary Basin Organizations in Africa“. This process of developing this manual manual was a collective effort and support by AGW-Net, BGR, IGRAC, Cap-Net UNDP, IWMI, and the former GW-MATE team of the World Bank.

In general, the manual offers a variety of important groundwater topics. The topics are up to date, well -structured and based on facts. To identify relevant topics, BGR presented the manual to LCBC, followed by a common discussion about specific interests. This approach ensured, that the training addresses specific needs and that the knowledge gained, is used by the participants on a daily work basis. In total, eight different topics were selected and one field trip was conducted to include a more practical component in the training.

As it is proved by positive feedback of the participants, BGR can highly recommend the usage of this manual as a training tool.

More information on the training manual can be downloaded from BGR source or Cap- Net UNDP source.

More information of the project can be find here.

More information about BGR can be find here.