«Tailored stakeholder engagement essential for future sustainability» by IWLearn

Climate change will continue to be a major concern of this century impacting stakeholders within transboundary basins. As future initiatives, projects or programmes are developed, stakeholders affected should have a voice in the design and implementation, as initiatives, projects or programmes ultimately influence their planning to address climate change impacts 

This article is about Flood and Drought Management Tools (FDMT) project (http://fdmt.iwlearn.org/) is unique in that it has been specifically designed to support the Global Environment Facility (GEF) International Waters (IW) develop technical tools to incorporate impacts of climatic variability and change into planning across scales from transboundary to local planning with, for example, basin authorities and water utilities. 

The engagement of stakeholders during the implementation of projects helped to address these critical challenges. 

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To read the full experience note on tailored stakeholder engagement as experienced through the FDMT project, visit: http://fdmt.iwlearn.org/resources/experiencenote  ')}