Online Course: Introduction to Statistics Applied to Socio-economic Aspects of IWRM

The course was delivered to 15 professionals through Cap-Net’s Virtual Campus (Capacity Development in Sustainable Water Management) from May 30 to July 8, 2016

The course was organized by INA-CELA as part of the Training Program on “Economic and Financial Instruments for IWRM”. Through the use of statistical techniques, the course aimed at training participants in the analysis and interpretation of data associated with water resources socio-economic variables.

It was addressed to technicians and professionals involved in the survey, processing, analysis, interpretation and projection of socio-economic data related to water management. It was attended by seven male and eight female participants from Argentina, Peru and Colombia.

The course was structured in five modules, each of which had one or more tutors specialized in online mentoring and academic student monitoring. Tutors included: Valeria Mendoza (coordinator), Graciela Fasciolo and Eduardo Comellas. Students were required to devote a minimum of 10 weekly hours to:

  • Read compulsory bibliography
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • Solve individual exercises
  • Make self-assessments


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