New Online Course Announcement by Cap-Net Virtual Campus

Cap-Net Virtual Campus announces the first online course for year 2018 on ‘Professional Management of Water Well Drilling Projects and Programmes – an Overview’.

This online course offers participants an introduction to the professional management of water well drilling projects and programmes.

It provides an overview of what is required to improve borehole drilling professionalism within an organisation and for the country more widely. The course provides participants with an understanding of the following key elements: groundwater information, siting, costing and pricing, procurement and contract management, borehole drilling and supervision and how professional drilling is affected by the wider institutional environment.

The course builds up to a final assignment whereby participants are tasked with exploring actions that could be taken within their own organisations, local authority and/or country to improve borehole drilling professionalism.

There is no course fee. Sponsored by a partnership of international development organisations, the course is free. Because of this condition and the opportunity it represents, special commitment is solicited for those interested participants to actively follow the course, participate in all activities, and complete all modules.

Interested participants must apply for this course before Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.

For more information, please visit the Cap-Net Virtual Campus Website. ')}