LA-WETnet New Organisational Development

Cap-Net UNDP would like to inform all the international partners and partner networks on the organisational development of LA-WETnet. From 1st of March 2018 onwards, Mr. Damian Indij will leave his position as the manager of LA-WETnet to dedicate himself in Cap-Net UNDP secretariat as Virtual Campus Coordinator.

He will be succeeded by Dr. Mario Schreider and Dr. Marta Paris who are currently the network managers of ArCap-Net. The transition of the network management to Marta and Mario has been approved by the LA-WETnet network steering committee, formed by network managers of REDICA, REMERH, ArgCap-Net and Cap-Net Brasil (Anna Virginia Machado standing in the interim), and network members in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and Paraguay.

Mr. Damian Indij first joined Cap-Net UNDP in early 2002 to manage a cluster of water professionals working together to improve availability of IWRM training materials. During the formation of LA-WETnet, he was asked by founding members (of which he was part) to help with the coordination, and now he is relinquishing this role to dedicate himself to the duties of the global secretariat.

Over the years, LA-WETnet has managed to achieve very important results, in the delivery of more than 70 courses, covering 15 topics related to water management, in 15 countries, in collaboration with 98 partners, and reaching over 2.500 participants (40% women). The network has also been active in collaboration with partners such as GWP, UNDP Water Governance Facility at SIWI, Spanish Cooperation, and RALCEA network, amongst others. These achievements are branches and fruits growing from the Cap-Net tree.

Dr. Marta Paris and Dr. Mario Schreider are highly recognised and experienced

water professionals and capacity developers. They are both familiar with LA-WETnet and Cap-Net UNDP. Dr. Mario attended the first Cap-Net ToT on IWRM (2003) representing LA-WETnet. Dr. Marta also attended a Cap-Net ToT on local water governance (2006) and was part of the group of “IWRM Masters programmes” as she coordinates the IWRM master’s programme in Argentina.
Both Marta and Mario are also the head of the UNESCO Water and Education Chair at the university where they work in Argentina (FICH). They are both finalising their mandate in the management of ArgCap-Net, so their know-how on Cap-Net UNDP affiliated networks ensures a smooth transition and continuation.

Please welcome Marta and Mario to the important position of LA-WETnet Managers.

For more information, you may contact Mr. Damian Indij, Dr. Marta Paris or Dr. Mario Schreider. ')}