LA-WETnet course on groundwater modelling

On 2-5 March LA-WETnet facilitated a course on groundwater modelling in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The course was developed together with a group of partners, the “Latin American network of knowledge centres in the water sector” (RALCEA), the “Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors” (CODIA) and the “Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation” (AECID).

Groundwater is one of the largest reserves of fresh water on the planet. Its efficient use requires adequate planning for each situation. The scenarios proposal -component of the water resources management plan of a basin- requires tools that facilitate the prognosis of evolution of the water levels in the aquifer, as well as the quality. Hydrogeological mathematical modelling based on a correct conceptualisation of the aquifer system is then transformed into a valuable tool that allows evaluating its behaviour in different conditions and situations, thus contributing to decision making.

This training course introduced the participants into the topic of groundwater, flow modelling, recognising the advantages and disadvantages of using this tool through the interpretation of examples. Participants developed capacities on proposing numerical hydrogeological model that allows to represent the behaviour of water in the aquifer and the transport of substances in the underground environment. Also, they learnt about the use the tool for the presentation of scenarios that contribute to the planning of water resources.

The course addressed technicians and professionals of the different institutions integrated within the Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors (CODIA), technicians and professionals of water resources management organisms and the environment of the national, state / provincial and / or local; managers of companies / water cooperatives, control entities, members of non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations, community leaders, communicators, among others.