Lerma River Basin Water Plan: IWRM into practice in Mexico

IWRM in Mexico

Type of Change: Changes in policies, plans and strategies 

Boundary Level: River Basin

Summary/Theme: The IWRM knowledge gained during REMERH’s training was put into practice during the development of the Lerma River Basin Water Plan by providing tools and examples that helped put IWRM into practice in Mexico. 

Ana Karen participated in a training course organized by REMERH on recent methods developed by researchers from the Inter-American Institute of Technology and Water Sciences (IITCA-UAEM)) and IWRM implementation. The Lerma River basin is one of the most important basins in Mexico, but given population and demand increase, the ecosystem and basin resources are in great threat. Shortly after the course, Ana Karen joined the Regional Office of the National Water Commission in the State of Mexico (CONAGUA), as part of the team preparing a Water Plan for the Lerma River Basin. 

Ana Karen highlighted, “the REMERH training allowed me to contribute extensively to CONAGUA by identifying actors who participated in the Lerma River Basin and seeking their collaboration. I have paid special attention to the integration of NGOs that work in the basin as normally their roles in decision-making have been overlooked, and we have integrated them in the team that is preparing the Water Plan.”  

Since then, as a member of CONAGUA, Ana Karen is also a collaborator in emergency projects related to sanitary drainage and safe drinking water in rural communities of the State of Mexico. During the development of the projects and the field visits, Ana Karen has followed the IWRM vision so these projects can generate an improvement in the quality of life of the local communities involved. “Paying more attention to IWRM aspects has also allowed me to come into direct contact with the communities and know first-hand about their concerns in relation to water management.” Ana Karen is working closely to unite both the work of the government authorities and key basin stakeholders.