Flood risks management in the Democratic Republic of Congo

cap-net stories of change 7

Impact: Changes in policies, plans and strategies

Partners: CB-HYDRONET, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

A training on ‘Catchment based approach to flood disaster risks and management’ targeted government offices, community-based organizations, river basin organizations, REGIDESO (the national water utility), academia, NGOs and media. Awareness raising about catchment protection measures undertaken at different levels by communal authorities, managers of REGIDESO, community elders and farmers was the main objective. Meetings for sharing and awareness raising were organized as a result, with different stakeholders to explain issues and challenges related to the flood phenomena in the city of Kasangulu, the preventive measures to be taken and the behaviors to be adopted in the event of flooding.

After the training, a consultative stakeholder forum was formed at the national level to discuss a framework for catchment protection, made of experts from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources, REGIDESO, the Association des Usagers du Bassin de la Rivière Lukaya (AUBRL – River Basin Organization), the University of Kinshasa and Water Dream (NGO). The members of the forum took the Lukaya river basin in Kasangulu as an experimental catchment and focused on the design and implementation of a water resources management plan. It was agreed that each member would carry out an accurate analysis of the current basin situation, its prevention against possible risks, its preservation against degradation, as well as the maintenance of its sustainable production functions.