Damian Indij

Virtual Campus Coordinator

Damian holds a MA in Education and a postgraduate in management of social organisations from the Universidad de San Andres, Argentina. He specialises in knowledge and capacity development networks for sustainable water management.

Damian has been related to education for almost 20 years in which he was school teacher, member of NGOs, project manager in public policy programmes to reform higher education and strengthen capacities at local governments, and university professor. In 1998 he started working in sustainable water management capacity development, as part of AIDIS Interamericana. This lead the way to Cap-Net, where he has been actively contributing since 2001.

Along this path, Damian developed an extensive activity as part of interdisciplinary teams in networks, UN programmes, public agencies, NGOs, and universities. He participated as facilitator in courses in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, and joined various teams for the development of training manuals and network management tools.

He is Manager of LA-WETnet (Latin America Water Education & Training Network) since the network was formed in 2002. Since then, more than 60 courses in water related subjects were delivered across Latin America in collaboration with 85 local, regional, and global partners. He has also contributed to international forums and written cases on capacity development, networking, and water education in schools.

Damian´s interest is in how water capacity development through networks can strengthen strategic planning and action for human development.