Creating Resilient Businesses through Sustainable Water Management: Rising Needs for Business Water Footprint Accounting

This is an article by Ms Loga Veeraiah, an executive in National Water Services Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Air Negara – SPAN). SPAN is also an institutional member of MyCDNet. This article highlights on the issue of water supplies in Malaysia as well as types of water risk that poses a threat to from global, national, industries wide, individual business boiling down to individual consumption.

In addition to that, the article also provides an insight on ‘Accounting Tools for Businesses’ which can be adopted to develop International Water Stewardship Standard. For the benefit of businesses, this article also recommends two open-source water risk analysis tools which can be used by corporations/companies.

In the final section of this short article, global best practices on water management were highlighted as well as creating new water opportunity which is to be adapted and adopted by our local Malaysian industries.

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