CAR@WAN Steering Committee Meeting – 5 June 2015.

The meeting of CAR@WAN Steering Committee (SC) meeting was held on the 5 of June 2015 via conference call. According to CAR@WAN’s regulations, the SC is responsible for the overall monitoring, coordination, political and fundraising support of CAR@WAN’s activity. Two representatives from government, scientific, educational and research organizations from all Central Asia countries at least once a year discusses on the project activity, plans, constraints and lessons learned. Members of the SC agreed on the 2015 activity plan, proposed by Secretariat and based on the Strategy 2014-2017. They have also shared their ideas on attracting additional financing resources to ensure the presence of the CAR@WAN in all CA countries as a catalyst in achieving of Network’s sustainability. SC members has also proposed to provide the support for CAR@WAN’s Country Coordinators. For more information please contact CAR@WAN secretariat.