Cap-Net announces the photo competition winners

Cap-Net is thrilled to announce the  two winners of the Cap-Net photo and art competition: “Visualising Water Knowledge for All”. Both winners come from Bolivia and they are two young citizens engaged in water conservation. Congratulations!

The photo competition was launched on 30 March 2020 as a way to celebrate Cap-Nets newly revamped website and Virtual Campus, and the winners were selected by a “public’s choice” feature, meaning all who visited the website could vote for their favourites.

Thanks also to all of you who submitted pictures, artworks and reflections about water and the link to our five topics: Water Governance, Ecosystems, Climate Change, Gender, Innovative Solutions. Cap-Net received around 34 fabulous photos and the competition generated more than 8000 views.

1st place: Khiara Callizaya

2nd place: Caly Pol (Andrés Callizaya)