Arg Cap-Net: Workshop on water, women and architecture

About the workshops

“The workshop series we are presenting was conceived during 2020, building up on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which highlights the importance of women’s equal access to water to ensure their right to health. The declaration urges nations to prioritise and include women in public investment programmes for water and sanitation infrastructure; promotes the recognition of indigenous and rural women in irrigation and watershed management, among other objectives” affirmed the organisers from the University of Mendoza.

The series consists of seven meetings: 17 May “Water, Women and New Technologies”; 14 June “Water, Women and Science”; 23 August “Water, Women and Architecture”; 27 September “Water, Women and Peace”; 18 November “Water, Women and Literature”, and 29 November “Water, Women and Art” and “Water, Women and Viticulture”.

The aim of the webinar series is to analyse how gender inequalities contribute to inequity and inefficiency in the water resources sector. They seek to highlight the role women have had in their communities in the provision of water for their families, as well as in management, administration and preservation of this vital resource.

Water, women and architecture

In the framework of the workshop series “Water and gender in Latin America and the Caribbean” the University of Mendoza, the Institute of Water and Environment, and the General Department of Irrigation of the province of Mendoza, organise the online session “Water, women and architecture”.

The workshop will take place on 23 August at 16:00 and it is coordinated by Arg Cap-Net.

Architect Eliana Bórmida, head architect of the Bórmida and Yanzón Studio and Professor Emeritus of the University of Mendoza will lead the discussion.

The activity is free of charge. Sign up here.

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