9/07/2020: Webinar, “Water and Climate Coordination” – Supporting the NDCs under the Paris Agreement

“Water and Climate Coordination”: Supporting the NDCs under the Paris Agreement

The first webinar of the webinar series Coordinating, Implementing and Financing National Climate and Water Policy Frameworks will take place on the 9th of July 2020 at 11 AM UTC.

The webinar will discuss how improved cross-sector understanding and knowledge among climate and water decision-makers and professionals contribute to improved coordination between climate change and water decision-making. It will introduce a practical tool for identifying climate and water inter-linkages.

Speakers: Ingrid Timboe, AGWA; David Hebart Coleman, SIWI; Håkan Tropp, SIWI; Marianne Kjellén, UNDP; Case study 1: Marcelo Mena, Center for Climate Action at PUCV and former Minister of Environment, Chile; Case study 2: Joachim A. Abungba, Water Resources Commission, Ghana.

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