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Discover the S2S approach:

Connecting freshwater, land, coasts and the ocean through engagement of all stakeholders.

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What is the Source to Sea approach?

Applying a source-to-sea perspective in addressing the world’s growing development challenges increases the opportunity for truly sustainable change.

The source-to-sea approach builds upon existing management frameworks but broadens their scope beyond traditional, independent management of land, river basins, coasts and the ocean, to acknowledge their interconnections and break through silos to work across sectors and administrative boundaries. Reaching across these silos to build concerted action is urgently needed as many development challenges are source to sea in nature.

Partnership Strengthening
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Cap-Net and the Action Platform for Source to Sea Management

Cap-Net UNDP and the Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management have partnered with the ambition to understand the current degree of awareness of the need for a source-to-sea approach, the capacity levels for implementation and the challenges and barriers to doing so.

The capacity needs assessment outcomes will result in a demand-driven tailored approach to awareness raising and capacity development. Next steps in developing training and capacity development materials and events will be based on the findings.


The Source to Sea Platform has made a commitment in its Strategy 2021-2025 to develop local capacity among public, private and civil society actors and increase local and regional expertise in implementing the source-to-sea approach, enlarging the overall number of source-to-sea practitioners.

Cap-Net is UNDP´s global network for capacity development in sustainable water management within the Global Water and Oceans Governance Support Programme. The strength of Cap-Net lies with the vital partners and implementing members: our affiliated networks. We will ensure the widest possible outreach, allowing for more informed and accurate results for the Source to Sea capacity needs assessment.

How to participate in the assessment?

Connecting freshwater, land, coasts and the ocean through engagement of all stakeholders requires us to understand the current levels of awareness of the need for and benefits of source-to-sea management and the capacity to implement it so that appropriate awareness raising and training materials can be developed and capacity development events undertaken. Your feedback will help us in developing training and capacity development materials.

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