Promoting the Application of Environmental Flows

WaterNet has been implementing a pilot project on the application of environmental flows in the Pungwe/Buzi/Save catchment areas in Mozambique and Zinbabwe.  The pilot started in 2017 and will come to an end in November 2018. The main objective of the pilot is build human capacity in the two countries so that they able to work cooperatively in the determination and implementation of environmental flows in the three basins.

Both countries had teams which comprised of hydrologists, ecologists and social scientists who did field work within the Buzi basin. The fieldwork involved undertaking hydrological, ecological and social assessments needed to come up with a desired state of a river.

The field teams together with WaterNet and IUCN attended a two day workshop for fieldwork results presentation and data analysis in Manica, Mozambique, 20–21 September 2018. The objectives of the workshop were to:

– Offer a platform to the teams to share the data collection experience and the collected data

– Identify issues which emerged from the exercise

– Analyse the collected data in order to come up with a desired state of the river, ecosystem services, livelihoods and threats

– To finalise the country reports

– To identify policy related issues from the pilot survey

This project has been done in partnership with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Government of Zimbabwe (through the Zimbabwe National Authority’s Save Catchment) and the Government of Mozambique (through ARA-Centro). ')}