Planning Meeting on Development on the Need for an Integrated Approach to Coastal Zone and River Basin Management – 26 to 28 May 2014, Copenhagen.

Cap-Net and partners held a planning meeting at Copenhagen from 26 to 28 May to develop a programme on the need for an integrated approach to coastal zone and river basin management. Partner networks REDICA and CKNet and international partners UNESCO-IHE, UNEP-DHI, UNDP and PEMSEA came together in a meeting organised by UNEP-DHI and discussed the development of a training package and rolling out a capacity development programme on the subject. The programme will focus on the linkages between coastal zones and river basins and aim to advocate integration of their management. The capacity development activities to be rolled out will target coastal and river basin managers and government decision makers, making use of the outreach through affiliated networks and partners. The aim is to have training modules developed before the end of the year and have these tested in a pilot training by January 2015. For more information please contact