MyCDNet MELP Training Part II

On the 12th August 2015, members of MyCDNet participated in a MELP (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Plan) training programme provided by Mr Lai Chee Hui, a Master of Research Student in the School of Humanities at USM. He has recently completed and returned from his 3-month foray as Network Attachment in Cap-Net. This training programme was carried out in Indah Water Technical Training Center.

MELP is a management tool useful for monitoring the output, outcomes and impacts of various water related activities. Mr Lai emphasized that MELP is a plan and not a report, and informed the attendees that Cap-Net has decided to rename the MELP Report to an Outcome Evaluation Report as to not create confusion.

The main changes to Cap-Net’s MELP and the newly developed guidelines was given was discussed. Mr Lai ran through the Outcome Evaluation Report guidelines and showed the revised Tool 3 Form A, which is tailored for outcome evaluation. Result categorization was also demonstrated.

Mr Lai shared a template for the outcome evaluation report and showed a completed MELP report from Cap-Net Argentina. At the end of Mr Lai’s presentation, there was a short question and answer session before refreshments were served. The training ended at 12.30 pm.

A new manual from Cap-Net brings together two fields that, until recently, have been separate: human rights and integrated water resources management (IWRM).

The manual introduces human rights and IWRM to the reader, progressively integrating them into a single approach that has been dubbed a ‘human rights-based approach (HRBA) to integrated water resources management’.

For more information, please contact Alicia Lim at MyCDNet. ')}