Launch of the Citizen’s Water Policy by Hisaar Foundation and Cap-Net Pakistan

Hisaar Foundation, host of Cap-Net Pakistan, continued on its mission of disseminating the “Recommendations for Pakistan’s National Water Policy Framework” which is now being recognized and touted as the “Citizen’s Water Policy.”

On February 23, 2016, the Pakistan Economic Forum (a body comprising of serving and retired federal secretaries) held a seminar at Islamabad Club with a single point agenda of the presentation of Hisaar Foundation’s Citizen Water Policy. Ms. Simi Kamal, founder Chairperson and Mr. Zohair Ashir current Chairperson participated in the meeting and presented the water policy to the members of the Pakistan Economic Forum (PEF). The session lasted more than two hours and included a frank exchange of views. The PEF members greatly appreciated the efforts of Hisaar Foundation’s Think Tank on the Rational Use of Water and praised the quality of the report and the vision given in the recommendations.

Two of the members, Mr. Mirza Hamid Hasan and Mr. Fazlullah Qureshi who are closely associated with water issues especially pointed out that it is remarkable that a citizens’ voluntary body has come out with a document of national importance within such a short time and minimal expenditures whereas the government and donors have spent huge amounts of money with limited output. The PEF members also gave valuable inputs and feedback for further improving the recommendations and pledged their support for disseminating this document. ')}