Strengthening water knowledge through working in partnership

On the 30 October 2019 the Global Water Partnership South Asia and Cap-Net, in collaboration with partners, delivered a session on a proposed “Delta Knowledge Hub: Innovative Platform for South-South Knowledge Exchange” at the Dhaka Water Knowledge Days 2019 (DWKD).

The overarching aim of the session was to introduce and discuss the Learning Delta Asia Initiative’s core knowledge sharing mechanism – Delta Knowledge Hub (DKH) – which will serve as a central knowledge platform to store and display deltaic areas specific issues, solutions, projects, success stories, case studies, best practices, policy dialogues, research papers and news related to management of deltas.

“Together Cap-Net and GWP ensure that knowledge is freely available which will ultimately contribute to the sustainable water management from policy level to practitioner level” emphasised Indika Gunawardana, Capacity Development Analyst for Cap-Net.

The Session that took place at DWKD will enrich this Delta Knowledge Hub concept with feedback from key players and participants. It will be a platform which recommends various pathways to actions for potential key players.