Cap-Net welcomes Ms Ágatha Tommasi

Cap-Net UNDP would like to welcome the new intern, Ms Ágatha Tommasi who will be with us from November 2017 to January 2018. A trained Environmental Engineer with a passion on nature, she is currently enrolled in a MSc programme in Metrology, Quality and Innovation at PUC-Rio. Her thesis is focused on the measurement of interconnections between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  In line with Cap-Net, Ágatha is also very active in the water sector globally. Since 2015 she has been the Latin American Countries representative of World Youth Parliament for Water, having founded the PLACJA (LAC youth Parliament for Water). Through advocacy and awareness raising actions, she has strengthened youth participation in the water sector. She deeply believes that sustainable development needs to be happening within people to be successful. Her hobbies are hiking and meditation.

The primary focus of her assignment as an intern will be on analyses and further elaboration of project proposals that have been developed in cooperation between Cap-Net and the national water agency in Brazil, ANA. The secondary focus will be on planning on the involvement of people in water and climate change adaptation and ecosystems capacity development, in relation to the SDGs with special emphasis on youth participation.

In addition to that, she intends to mobilise youth in environmental management through capacity development with the island of Paquetá (population about 5,000 varying to up 10,000 during peak tourism events) in Rio De Janeiro as a “laboratory or test site”.

You may contact her via email. ')}