Cap-Net and One World Partnership

The OneWorld—Cap-Net partnership supports the development of solid practices and knowledge in supporting access entities and governments in the development of Green Climate Fund project proposals and advocacy for sustainable groundwater investments. The new partnership has established three strands of collaboration:

With the African Development Bank, Cap-Net is supporting OneWorld Sustainable Investments in developing training materials and conducting training of the trainers workshops for African institutions (in English, French and Portuguese). The objective is to develop a regional pool of experts to support access to the GCF through supporting access entities in developing Green Climate Fund (GCF) project proposals.

The development of a training manual for on “preparation of Proposals to Access Funding for groundwater related infrastructure projects” on behalf of The Southern African Development Community Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI). In co-developing the training manual for the preparation of proposals to access funding for groundwater related infrastructure projects, “Cap-Net will mobilise and coordinate its work through its affiliated networks in the SADC countries, and will further draw from the expertise and experience of other networks in Africa particularly the Africa Ground Water Network” affirmed Dr. Themba Gumbo, Cap-Net’s director.

This partnership will establish National Focus Groups in SADC Member States to assist in advocating sustainable groundwater investments on behalf of SADC-GMI.

The Virtual Campus and the application of Cap-Net guidelines for training material development, training, monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and impacts, will provide a full package in order to develop and enhance necessary capacity required to access such funding. Cap-Net will mobilise and coordinate its work through its affiliated networks in Africa and will further draw from the expertise and experiences of other networks beyond the continent.

“The approach involves a mixture of training conducted in the Cap-Net Virtual Campus with opportunities for interaction online and traditional face-to-face training methods” explained Dr. Themba Gumbo.