5 Days Training Workshop on Climate Change Resilience in Nigeria

The training course on Climate Change Resilience: Access to Water Supply and Sanitation was held from 5nd to 9thOctober, 2015 at the Conference hall of Water Suite Kaduna, Nigeria. A total number of 30 participants spread across various government organizations attended the training program. The participants were from the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, River Basin Development Organizations, Nigeria Integrated Water Resources Management Commission, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agencies, National Water Resources Institute, States Water Boards, Nigeria Hydrological Agency, and States Ministry of Water Resources.

The course outline covers the following: Understanding the Climate Change process, impact of climate change on water resources, water supply, agriculture sanitation and Hygiene, climate change resilience, adaptation and mitigation measures, IWRM as an adaptation tool to impact of climate change, climate change vulnerability and risk reduction, flood emergencies and disaster reduction and cost-benefit and climate change financing. Participants were also guided on how to develop climate change resilience action plan. The participants went out on field trip to the recently flooded areas in Kaduna metropolitan city to access the causes and impacts. Facilitators were from the National Water Resources Institute, Kaduna and the a Consultant from UNICEF.

The course was based on Short lectures, facilitation and participatory methods of training. Series of films were also shown to participants to build up their understanding of the subject matter.

The course provided the participants the opportunity to have a broad view of the climate change process and impacts. Evaluation and adaptation of immediate, short and long range environmen­tal, economical and institutional measures to help in making the best decisions for meeting the challenges of climate change on water supply and sanitation was also adequately covered during the workshop.

The course was organised by WA-Net and supported by Cap-Net, National Water Resources Institute and the Federal Ministry of Water Resources/UNICEF programme on WASH. ')}