23/07/2020: Webinar, “Water and Climate Coordination” – Climate Finance

“Water and Climate Coordination”: Climate Finance

The third webinar of the webinar series Coordinating, Implementing and Financing National Climate and Water Policy Frameworks will take place on the 23rd of July 2020 at 11 AM UTC.

It aims to introduce the three main global climate finance mechanisms and further zoom in to the GCF – understanding its mandate, investment criteria, its operational modalities, funding windows and procedures for accessing resources for climate resilient water initiatives.

Speakers: Alex Simalabwi, GWP SAF; Andiswa Nyongwana, GWP SAF; Anjali Lohani, GWP; Rene Schieritz, GWP SAF; Alastair Morrison, former Water Sector Senior Specialist at GCF.

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